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About Aquasolve

Aquasolve is a Limburg (NL) company based in Landgraaf that has developed the hydrolyser (HDL).
This self-developed device is suitable for resomerizing human and animal tissue. This is the commonly used term for the chemical process of alkaline hydrolysis in which a cleavage of fat or an oil molecule is achieved under the influence of a base instead of water.

Resomerization is an alternative method and, in particular, a more environmentally friendly method of corpse disposal. Burial and cremation emits far more carbon dioxide (CO2) than the alkaline hydrolysis process. The hydrolyser emits zero CO2. Aquasolve hopes to contribute to CO2 reduction and greenhouse gas reduction with the (further) development of its hydrolyser units.

Thus, Aquasolve has developed two variants of the hydrolyser. The HDL Bestia and the HDL Andron. With the HL Bestia, animals are resomerized and with the HDL Andron, humans can be dissolved in water.

Resomposition also known as water cremation or aquamation is not yet allowed for humans in many countries. Legislation is being changed at an accelerated pace because the benefits of alkaline hydrolysis or resomerization are obvious. The Dutch Burial Act is expected to be amended in 2024.

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