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The process

The process is known as alkaline hydrolysis and takes place using water raised to temperature as well as the chemical potassium hydroxide.

During the process, the pressure is neither increased nor changed. The process takes place under atmospheric pressure. During the process time of 4.5 hours, the composition of water and chemicals ensures the dissolution and thus degradation of human and animal tissue.

The hydrolyser is filled with the aforementioned substances as well as the lifeless human body or animal cadaver.
Depending on the charged mass in the hydrolyser, after the process time of about 4.5 hours, only the bones and a liquid mixture (more often called effluent) remain. This liquid no longer contains any DNA material but consists only of naturally occurring elements.

The patented composition of the chemicals ensures that the bones are clean and thus completely stripped of bone marrow and tissue. Of distinctive importance is to mention that the fatty parts including the brain are also completely dissolved.

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