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operations director

H.A.G. van Neer (Berry)

Our operations director has gained extensive experience in various technical positions at (listed) companies. In developing the hydrolyser, he takes the lead and accepts responsibility for delivering a safe and durable device.

financial director

M. Antes (Maurice)

As a seasoned entrepreneur, our finance director has managed several companies. With his financial control of all processes, he predicts and facilitates a structural growth of Aquasolve and its activities.

R&D director

E.A. Gazvoda (Ed)

Our highly experienced Research & Development Director has been involved in the use and development of the alkaline hydrolysis process since 2008.
Because of the high cost to the funeral industry but especially the unnecessary burden on the environment, our R&D director devotes his full time to further development of the hydrolyser and hopes to contribute to improving sustainability within the funeral industry.

sales manager

J.M.M. Peters (Hans)

Our sales manager has a history as an independent funeral director and because of his background not only knows the market but is especially familiar with the needs of industry. Convinced of the products, he brings service-oriented activities to the attention and is ready to provide information.

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